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Black Girls Rock

“This book will affirm, elevate, and celebrate the unique narratives and rich experiences of Black women and girls around the world for generations to come.”-Beverly Bond Women's Empowerment Leader, Founder and Executive Director of Black Girls Rock Inc. creates a book that I consider as a blueprint for women Filled with photography, inspiration and information about black women achievements and contribution to the world. It's impactful and enlightening. I support all of Beverly Bond endeavors and the appreciate the positive example she has set for women. Beverly is a woman I admire and truly inspired by. Rock On!  Beverly Bond

2Fish (a Poetry Book)

2Fish is a poetry book written by the beautiful songstress Jhene Aiko. Writing is such a beautiful way to express emotions. "I hope it gives them a better understanding of who I am, as well as encourages them to write through their difficult moments in life," she says. "We're all going through something, and the hardest battle to win is the one from within. A lot of times, we're encouraged to forget about those negative thoughts and distract ourselves with drugs and entertainment, rather than expressing it. We need to find more ways to deal with depression and mental illness."  Link:

Mya's Vegan Transition Guide

Artist Mya Harrison offers a free Vegan starter guide on her website, you can click on the link below. It is beautiful to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul. For those who are interested in making the transition to Vegan this guide can be of great assistance as well as a resource of information. Mya's Vegan Transition Guide Link :

Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi: A Memoir: A Love, Loss and What We Ate Photo Credit: Padma Lakshmi Instagram