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Walter Mosley

Walter Mosley was the first person that I wrote about and featured on Brains Books Beauty. Writing gives you the ability to travel freely in the mind without moving your feet. He's shown that in his books and profound storytelling. "Write your truth and believe in it." Walter Mosley is an incredible and inspirational writer. He started his career in his late 30s showing that there are no limitations to fulfilling your dreams. Keep steady and grow higher. Slow and steady are key factors to true mastery. Commitment, consistency and practice by perfecting your craft. I am a student of Walter Mosley body of work and ethic. Living in reality and writing fiction is a great way to balance, open your mind, create and explore. Walter Mosley is teaching a Masterclass on Fiction and Storytelling. Teaching how to "write better, think deeper".  "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Gratitude Mr Walter Mosley

Anna Malaika Tubbs

 Anna Malaika Tubbs "The storyteller influences the story" She is an advocate, author, educator and scholar.  The Three Mothers was well written from a maternal, wholesome place and while expressing gratitude. I was curious how the families of the men were affected by the experience during that time, how did each parent develop a way to cope or is grief ongoing? The amount of strength, perseverance and grace is admirable as motherhood is eternal.  The mothers of the three gentlemen were significant in their sons lives. It's thoughtful that Anna chose to write from their perspective as well as including their family while doing research and putting together the book. It's valuable information, in depth learning experience and connection.  This month we celebrate Black History Month and in March we celebrate Women's History Month A special tribute to the m others of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and James Baldwin. Thank you Anna Malaika Tubbs for highlighting

Reese Witherspoon & Hello Sunshine

  Reese Witherspoon and KitchenAid presents Eat the Book. A food series based bringing food scenes to life from a book. This is a cool way to cook and connect with readers.  Jasmine Guillory ( The Proposal ) is the book presented with host Christina Milian. All women are represented author, chef and host. An incredible way to utilize platform and versatility. Each woman represents Brains Books and Beauty. Created by a woman for women.  Reese Witherspoon founder of Hello Sunshine and Reese's Book Club, she recently launched Reese's Book Club App. She chooses a book with a woman at the center of the story.  " We make our choices thoughtfully and look for ways to deepen our connection to books, authors and ourselves" Reese Witherspoon Photo Credit: Hello Sunshine: Reese's Book Club App.   Article Reference:  https://www.hollywoodrepo

Pearl Cleage

Pearl Cleage is a profound writer, author, activist, playwright and creator in history. A woman of wisdom, inspiration and purpose. Her work is admirable, pure and honorable. Conscious style of writing and thoughtful approach.    Pearl Cleage memoir "Things I Should Have Told My Daughter"  "Diaries & Journals can give you a real unedited portion of a person's life"  Through her collections Pearl was able to create conversation and connect with her readers. There's a significance in writing and it's legacy, it can be utilized as a tool, healing, sacred space and something to reflect upon. Being comfortable with the uncomfortable. Living with and in your truth.  I shared some quotes by Pearl Cleage that's empowering and guided me as a writer. I also shared a video so you can gain insight about the book from Pearl Cleage. With gratitude your light shines you are appreciated.  As we celebrate Black History Month, Pearl Cleage teaches us to become a p