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Common introduced the Com+Well show to meet people where they are, so each viewer can receive the proper tools/guidance to commit, invest, take care and love themselves. It's about health and wellness.  While being conscious of the outside world;  Common focuses on the world within.  You'll get the opportunity to learn various ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle through the mind, body and soul in an educational, inspirational and spiritual way.  COM & WELL   Photo Credit: Common Facebook Page Video: Think Common YouTube Channel

Carmelo Anthony

  "Once you learn to read, you will forever be free" -Frederick Douglass Where tomorrows aren't promised by Carmelo Anthony with D. Watkins is a memoir that takes you on a journey about community, education, ethics, experience, family, friendship, inspiration, lifestyle and resilience. This book guides you on a human and visual experience if you choose the audible version to listen or physical book to read, Carmelo Anthony connected with the listener and reader in a profound way by telling his story.  Game On:  In this chapter Carmelo highlights Confidence, Consistency and Commitment "I didn't listen to the noise; I blocked it out. That became my strategy, to spend more time working than dreaming, and more time doing than imagining. And all that hard work paid off, as I got better with every game I played." Reading this book I understood the nickname Melo. Through the trials and triumph he worked hard, hustled and remained humble. Carmelo Anthony is calm, co