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Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor "Reality of what I am has nothing to do with what they say"  There was pain, resilience and strength that helped shaped his character.  Through his hardships he embraced and utilized his gift of humor.    He put it all out there from an honest place. One of the best approaches of storytelling is to tell/write your own. Raw and real,  Richard Pryor is what I consider an op en book! Photo Credit Pinterest/Google Image Video Credit: ABC YouTube channel

Terrie Williams: Black Pain

Author: Terrie Williams Have you ever asked someone How are you feeling today? Is everything alright? Often you may get a response "I'm ok" or "It's nothing" Being aware of the responses can be helpful you can let the person know you are there for them and to support them. There are times where showing no emotion emulates strength to some. There's a misconception not to show your pain because one is taught to "Hold it together" "Why you let things bother you" or "Get over it be strong".  "Stop playing victim". People are experiencing pain and real problems. Sometimes a listening ear and trust are things one may need, compassion. Often people turn to addictions, self destruction, self doubt, drugs and other forms of abuse in search for an escape, to relieve the pain, feeling abandoned, discouraged or disregarded. Leading to unhealthy coping methods.  Pain is often hidden, suppressed and becomes normalized. Add