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We're Going to Need More Wine - Gabrielle Union

Photo Credit: Ebony Magazine Gabrielle Union Speaks out on surviving sexual assault in the video below from NET-A-PORTER.   "I had to recreate my soul" - Gabrielle Union   Sexual Assault Resource:  RAINN: 1800.656.HOPE website   Gabrielle Union's memoir "We're Going to Need More Wine" is an open book full of life learning and lessons from a honest place embracing her authentic self.  “You were fly, dope, and amazing from birth, I would tell that girl now. From the second you took your first breath, you were worthwhile and valid. And I’m sorry you had to wait so long to learn that for yourself.” ―  Gabrielle Union,  We're Going to Need More Wine Book Website: We're Going to Need More Wine Book Signing & Interview with Angie MartInez and Gabrielle Union  

Nadia Owusu

Article & Photo Credit Nadia Owusu Photographed by Stefan Ruiz, Vogue, January 2021 Purchase Aftershocks