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Kidada Jones

Kidada Jones is the author of a book titled School of Awake A Girl's Guide to the Universe. This book provides both creative and educational tools to guide you through your inner and outer world. Starting from your core you have the ability to connect, communicate, have compassion and express creativity. Learn about yourself and truly love who you are. In the video below from Oprah's SuperSoul Kidada talks about The HeartStar and it's significance. Her work is appreciated by approach to connect with children spiritually, emotionally and creatively by teaching children self love and guiding them through the walks of life.  School of Awake Website: Photo Credit of Kidada: Pinterest/Instagram 

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union is a women's woman both relative and transparent. She is honest and truly an open book, Gabrielle represents Brains Books and Beauty. An actress, activist, advocate, author, daughter, mom, wife and the girlfriend next door. Her new book was released in September "You Got Anything Stronger?" listed below. Gabrielle also has an apparel line with New York and Company, a hair care line "Flawless"and joined as a Cofounder of Bitsy's an organic food company. She also is an advocate and addresses topics about women, sexual assault, infertility, mental health, sel esteem ,gender identity and race. Gabrielle Union goes deep within her soul embracing her true self and experience and shares it with the world.  Purchase Book: You Got Anything Stronger? Book Trailer Gabrielle Union Collection at New York and Company

Valarie Kaur

Valerie Kaur is a Mom, an Author, Civil Rights Leader, Educator, Filmmaker, Lawyer and Speaker.  Featured on Tamron Hall show in the link below Valerie discusses Revolutionary Love:  "Revolutionary Love is the call of our times. It is to upon the face of anyone and say: You are a part of me I do not yet know"  Valerie Kaur Website: