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NAS Time Is Illmatic

KINGS GRACE Illmatic is a classic album as well as the documentary Time Is Illmatic. Nas has truly evolved. I have included an article/video from titled The Perpetual Evolution of Nas. I chose this photo as well as the artist as a reflection of myself. (Memory Lane) You grow through what you go through you evolve. This image reminds me to stay grounded, reflect and keep steady. Walk in faith, stay solid and true to myself. There will be tough times (Life's a B*tch) and sorrows but it's important to learn to accept truth, see clearly and think freely.(The World Is Yours). Life's most valuable lessons are usually experienced rather than taught. Either way it's great to have balance to be the student and the teacher, As you learn you teach. (The Genesis). Always thank God with Grace.  Nas is my favorite and most impactful artist who is humble, honored and appreciated.  I am a student of life and like Nas I believe in leaving a proof of life. We lay br