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Deacon King Kong, James McBride

Photo credit: Author: James McBride Book Title: Deacon King Kong  Author Website: Deacon King Kong was the selection and conversation for a virtual book club with author James Mcbride. His communication is similar to his writing style very clear. It was insightful and informative. He touched base on his background, the book/characters and some realities of life. There is so much depth to this author. I felt enlightened and glad this book was chosen to read. There's a connection amongst the characters, the writer and reader.  James Mcbride mentioned this quote below when it comes to writing:  "When there is judgment there is no journey When there is no journey there is no story" His character, communication, talents and writing is greatly appreciated. I shared a video below to introduce and learn more about James Mcbride.

Vintage Black Glamour

Vintage Black Glamour Author: Nichelle Gainer

Kiley Reid: Such A Fun Age

Photo Credit: NY Times In the link above author Kiley Reid discusses her book Such A Fun Age with the NY Times. In the video below you can watch and listen to Kiley Reid with Alison Stewart at The Greene Space 

MORE MYSELF By: Alicia Keys

Photo Credit: Pinterest "Discovering who I am at my core, becoming day by day more myself" Alicia Keys More Myself by Alicia Keys was a perfect time to release this book. Although the circumstances are unfortunate this is a great time of self care, reflection and revaluation. Reading this book you get to learn more about Alicia Keys and her journey from past to present. I think it shows growth to take a look back with no regrets and learn how formed who you are, your character. That's a journey that involves all parts of you mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritual and/or religious. As the layers go deep you vibe high. Most trees that grow test of time are deeply rooted.  During this pandemic we are to stay inside and practice social distancing. This is a good time to utilize and get to know yourself, understand where you are. Alicia Keys book can be a guide, inspiration for the reader.  In More Myself there was a part where Alicia Key