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Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union is a women's woman both relative and transparent. She is honest and truly an open book, Gabrielle represents Brains Books and Beauty. An actress, activist, advocate, author, daughter, mom, wife and the girlfriend next door. Her new book was released in September "You Got Anything Stronger?" listed below. Gabrielle also has an apparel line with New York and Company, a hair care line "Flawless"and joined as a Cofounder of Bitsy's an organic food company. She also is an advocate and addresses topics about women, sexual assault, infertility, mental health, sel esteem ,gender identity and race. Gabrielle Union goes deep within her soul embracing her true self and experience and shares it with the world.  Purchase Book: You Got Anything Stronger? Book Trailer Gabrielle Union Collection at New York and Company
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Valarie Kaur

Valerie Kaur is a Mom, an Author, Civil Rights Leader, Educator, Filmmaker, Lawyer and Speaker.  Featured on Tamron Hall show in the link below Valerie discusses Revolutionary Love:  "Revolutionary Love is the call of our times. It is to upon the face of anyone and say: You are a part of me I do not yet know"  Valerie Kaur Website:  


Rosario Dawson & Abrima Erwiah, photographed by Joshua Jordan A brand that I appreciate and deeply rooted in humanity, culture, skill and technique. A thoughtful and ethical approach in fashion and lifestyle. I had the pleasure of attending a Studio One Eighty Nine fashion show and it was a warm and welcoming experience, Studio One Eighty Nine creators (image above) Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah represent substance with Brains Books and Beauty. "STUDIO ONE EIGHTY NINE (headquartered in Ghana, West Africa and USA) is a social enterprise that provides a platform to help promote and curate African and African-inspired content and brands through worldwide distribution and manufacturing of our private label artisan produced collection as well as through our support of other brands. We focus on empowerment, creating jobs and supporting education and skills training" Studio 189 Fall 2021 Fashion Show  " Studio One Eighty Nine, the fashion brand co-founded by actress Rosa

The Living Library

"Seeing earth as a library of information" -  June Marieezy   The Living Library is a zero waste native foods grocer of the Philippines.  A beautiful and humble way to educate and express gratitude for our planet earth and humanity. The Living Library:  

Carole Hopson

Carole Hopson is incredible with her dedication, drive and resilience. She is a Mother, Pilot and Author of A Pair of Wings a novel inspired by Pioneer Aviatrix Bessie Coleman. Carole has chosen a path and continues to lift off and uplifting others.   " Carole Hopson became a pilot at the age of 36, when she left a career in human resources to go after her dream of flying. Now, at 56, Carole is taking her experience and using it as a tool to help other women and minorities become pilots. H er mission is to enroll 100 Black women in flight school by 2035." Resources :  Author Events: Carole Hopson Website: Carole Hopson Facebook/Photo Credit: Jet Black Foundation: Tamron Hall Interview:

Mr. Richsrrd Wright

Richard Wright is a profound poet and writer. The Man who Lived Underground was written by Richard Wright in the 1940's and published this year by Library of America. Writing is leaving a proof of life and his legacy continues on.  

Marvin Gaye

Flyin' High (In the Friendly Sky)  An incredible song by Marvin Gaye about Drug Addiction. While listening to the song it taps into your senses. Creative with the description, lyrics and reflection. He takes us on a journey; touching the soul, you can hear from the sounds, form a vision from his words and feel the experience. The power of addiction, drugs and the places it can take you emotionally, mentally and physically. Music is art, poetry and Marvin Gaye expressed that in depth and in the purest form. The album "What's going on" allowed us to see the world through his eyes.  Thank you Marvin Gaye for your impact, influence, style and impeccable talent.