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Valeisha Butterfield Jones

An activist, author, CEO, strategist, a mom and wife. Valeisha is the Global Head of Women & Black Community Engagement for Google and the co-founder and CEO of the Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN). 

In the Girlprint, Valeisha discusses the importance of putting God first and introspection & self reflection is vital to our growth. This is important steps to getting to know and defining yourself along with your place in the world. Valeisha touched base on lessons learned and experience being her teacher. 

The Girlprint is a great read it helps give a woman's perspective, personally as well as professionally. 

"It's the type of book that helps you to find you"
 -Valeisha Butterfield Jones

The Girlprint defines the four E's which include Encouragement, Engagement, Enlightment and Empowerment. I would describe Valeisha as the architect for this book The Girlprint is a great guide and blueprint for women.


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