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MORE MYSELF By: Alicia Keys

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"Discovering who I am at my core, becoming day by day more myself" Alicia Keys

More Myself by Alicia Keys was a perfect time to release this book. Although the circumstances are unfortunate this is a great time of self care, reflection and revaluation. Reading this book you get to learn more about Alicia Keys and her journey from past to present. I think it shows growth to take a look back with no regrets and learn how formed who you are, your character. That's a journey that involves all parts of you mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritual and/or religious. As the layers go deep you vibe high. Most trees that grow test of time are deeply rooted. During this pandemic we are to stay inside and practice social distancing. This is a good time to utilize and get to know yourself, understand where you are. Alicia Keys book can be a guide, inspiration for the reader. 

In More Myself there was a part where Alicia Keys was with her mom and inquired about the women she saw in the street. This quote was her mother's response. 
"When people go through hard times they often have to do things they don't want to. These women are just trying to survive" This was an empathetic and thoughtful response. Alicia had a view of the world that the women were not "on the corner by choice but by circumstance."

Setting Boundaries & Choosing You
In the video below Alicia Keys discussed and read part of a chapter from her book and the words were true. The word "No" is so simple yet powerful. I too am guilty of and can relate to what she mentioned; being a bright light that would burn out. I now give myself time to reflect and recharge. Time is essential we owe it to ourselves so we can be strong & purposeful as Alicia Keys mentioned. Setting boundaries you can set & prepare yourself for greatness. 



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