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When I first listened to 50 cent my ears were not ready for his music. It was a mix tape CD at the time. I had given it to a friend of mine. I remember my friend being happy for it. I didn't understand but I was happy it didn't go to waste. I didn't get into his music until later. I was interested in his approach to the industry. I wanted to know why he does things a certain way. There was more depth to him. Over the years he opened the umbrella more with music, SK energy drink, water, other beverages, books, acting, television and film. I mentioned this because it is essential to the chapter I chose "Power of Perception" in Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter book (image above). It's a gift to learn to see things differently. Rather than judge 50 cent I kept an open mind. In reality the several businesses he has actually work to his advantage. It's deeper than the surface. Reading this book there were many parts that resonated with me. 

He touched base on location and loyalty. There are and will be times that you'll have to differentiate the two. 

"Getting all of your agreements, promises and plans down on paper in a form of a contract is absolutely essential. Never let your value rest on someone's word" 

The quote above is extremely important. Everyone is a boss until it's time to pay. Get it all in writing. I learned the hard way. Those experiences will shape you to smarten up. People will con you, take advantage, create all types of excuses and short cuts.  The person asking for service has plans to generate income it is their responsibility to pay you for your worth and service and your responsibility to make it clear. The documents will solidify the exchange. Know your true value overall. You will grow and learn from the experiences it's one of the best teachers. 

This book was a good read and released during the pandemic. During these times of staying safe, healthy it's important to take care of your mind. Use the information to add on or make positive changes with your lifestyle. There are highs and lows always remain adaptable, aware and prepared for transformation.

There's a part where he discusses transmission of confidence and that is important who will believe in you if you don't believe in yourself.  Confidence and value in the language you use and presenting your narrative. This book had many highlights and tools to utilize in a way to make it work for you. When you know yourself you know your environment and you know how to move! 

Photo Credits: 50 cent Twitter Page 
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