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A Kings Grace: Nasir Jones


Plant The Seed 

Watch It Grow


When you learn, you teach! 

Articulate, humble, realistic and steady are a few words to describe Nasir Jones. I shared some interesting parts of his career as well as his impact. How he sees himself as well as what he projects. It's a thoughtful approach and relative. This is a gentleman that is true to himself, self aware and understands his life's purpose. His first album "Illmatic" was released in  1994 and he has reached greater heights in his career. "27 Summers" a song from his latest album "Kings Disease" which describes his longevity in the industry. It's incredible to remain consistent and put out superb body of work. Nas is truly an inspiration. His transition from surviving, thriving to living is admirable. 

I featured a post about Nas on my blog for the documentary "Time Is Illmatic" as Brains Books and Beauty began to expand. Here I am today paying tribute to my silent mentor. Thank you for all you do and done with grace! 

With Gratitude...


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