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August Alsina (Emerge & See)

   Photo: August Alsina

 "Faith & Hope, you may not know what it is you're going through right now but you've got to live to figure it out" - August Alsina 


August Alsina opens up and shares his story in the documentary stateofEMERGEncy. With his authentic, honest and transparent approach this allowed him to reveal what he feels. Live in his truth. He endured so much and has depth,  May August Alsina continue to be deeply rooted and fly high! This world shapes you don't let it break you. Continue to share your experience, stories and talent with the world. To growth; understand, accept and recover.

"We may grow weary and tired fighting in the fire, but we shall not be burned" 

StateofEMERGEncy Documentary
 The Rise of August Alsina

August Alsina is the first down to earth gentleman that I wanted to feature. It's Virgo season (Earth Sign) and I wanted someone who would fit the definition of Proper, the best representation. When you think of the word Proper what's the first thing that comes to mind? This is a man who is imperfectly perfect. It takes courage to come forward to share your thoughts, story and truth with others without feeling ashamed, judged, or embarrassed. If the world were to always remain silent how can we prevent things from happening or be able help and inspire others? Proper is a way to put your best foot forward in the world with simplicity and without judgement, embracing your true self. The foot prints you leave behind someone may walk in and follow one day. 
How will you impact others? 
What is your legacy? 

"Honor my authenticity" August Alsina.


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