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Pearl Cleage

Pearl Cleage is a profound writer, author, activist, playwright and creator in history. A woman of wisdom, inspiration and purpose. Her work is admirable, pure and honorable. Conscious style of writing and thoughtful approach. 
Pearl Cleage memoir "Things I Should Have Told My Daughter" 

"Diaries & Journals can give you a real unedited portion of a person's life" 
Through her collections Pearl was able to create conversation and connect with her readers. There's a significance in writing and it's legacy, it can be utilized as a tool, healing, sacred space and something to reflect upon. Being comfortable with the uncomfortable. Living with and in your truth. 

I shared some quotes by Pearl Cleage that's empowering and guided me as a writer. I also shared a video so you can gain insight about the book from Pearl Cleage. With gratitude your light shines you are appreciated. 

As we celebrate Black History Month, Pearl Cleage teaches us to become a part of history, leaving a proof of life and living a legacy. 

Quote on authenticity and transparency:
"If we don't tell the stories of our lives then no one else can tell them" 
"Tell it or the lessons are lost" 

The power of words and stories can leave an impact, enlighten and encourage many. Pearl Cleage is a mentor and teacher through her work who guides us on a journey and discovery of truth. 

Quote on writing: 
"You want to be paid for writing, but you don't want to have to write for money" 

Keeping integrity is important and knowing your worth without having to sell yourself or work. Pearl Cleage teaches us to write with purpose. 



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