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Walter Mosley

Walter Mosley was the first person that I wrote about and featured on Brains Books Beauty. Writing gives you the ability to travel freely in the mind without moving your feet. He's shown that in his books and profound storytelling. "Write your truth and believe in it."

Walter Mosley is an incredible and inspirational writer. He started his career in his late 30s showing that there are no limitations to fulfilling your dreams. Keep steady and grow higher. Slow and steady are key factors to true mastery. Commitment, consistency and practice by perfecting your craft. I am a student of Walter Mosley body of work and ethic. Living in reality and writing fiction is a great way to balance, open your mind, create and explore. Walter Mosley is teaching a Masterclass on Fiction and Storytelling. Teaching how to "write better, think deeper". 

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

Gratitude Mr Walter Mosley

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